[Final Fantasy VII Remake] Jessie Rasberry - Version 1

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Content of this release

  • original outfit, plus an additional sport outfit
  • a rigged gun (from the game)
  • makeup/runny makeup/blush effects
  • dedicated bones for the genitals
  • rigged hair


  • It's mandatory to install the Blender addon rig_tools.zip provided in this release (remember to restart Blender before using the model), which enables the IK rig, etc.. If you are not sure how to install the addon, google it!

  • All the custom properties are in the new UI (https://github.com/Mustard2/MustardUI).

  • Some shape keys are available for opening the genitals.

  • The model use Corrective Smooth modifiers. If you find some odd clipping while posing the model, try to disable them in the UI.

  • I decided not to implement the physics myself because there are tools which are way better than any attempt I could make. :)

Some examples: https://github.com/dskjal/Rigidbody-Bone https://blenderartists.org/t/wiggle-bones-a-jiggle-bone-implementation-for-2-8/1154726 While I do not provide technical support for these tools, I'm happy to help setting up basic physics if you need help.

  • If you have any problem, try to check the next section. If that doesn't help, you can contact me (contacts at the end).


  • The textures are all blocky/there are some strange shadows.

This is not necessarily a problem. When you render, subdivider modifiers are activated and the shadows should be smooth. You can preview this enabling the Subdivision modifier in the mesh you want to test. Note that this modifier can impact the performance of your viewport rendering. Thus, after you test its behaviour, remember to disable it (only in the viewport)!

  • The hair are rendered with strange black zones.

This problem is due to the intersecting mesh with alpha textures. To solve it, increase the default value of transparency max bounces. A x3 value, from 8 to 24, should be sufficient.

Known problems

  • The subdivision surface modifier requires a lot of time to complete, even at subdivision level 1. If you encounter crashes and/or long rendering initialization times, disable the modifier!

Final notes


  • wansky (https://twitter.com/Wanksy3D) for the wonderful poster
  • ProGamer000900 for the xps model
  • Oo-FiL-oO for the gun model
  • Arhoangel for the sport outfit


Version 6 (08/04/2020)

Note: this should boost the performances and provide better shader effects. With some quick tests, I found that subdivision surface modifier is up to 3x faster after this update.

Version 5 (04/04/2020)

  • improved facial rig

Note: I improved mostly the mouth bones. They were not moving the lips correctly. Now moving these bones should move the skin more naturally.

Version 4 (22/03/2020)

  • update the UI to 0.2.2 (fixed crash when switching outfit and fixed erroneous notification for not installed rig_tools)

Version 3 (11/03/2020)

  • new wet effect for the skin and some clothes
  • updated the UI to 0.2.1 to account for the new wet effect
  • added tan effect
  • the root_master bone should is now bigger and therefore more visible
  • revisited some materials
  • the subsurface scattering default value has been lowered (from 0.064 to 0.044)
  • fixed missing textures
  • fixed mouth textures and normals

Version 2 (10/03/2020)

  • new versions of the default outfit
  • new colors for the sport outfit
  • new gun model
  • fixed the absent anisotropic on the hair
  • fixed Runny Makeup inverted behaviour in the UI
  • fixed feet nails

Version 1 (first public release, 08/03/2020)


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  rig_tools_RDjHafP.zip   3928 2020-04-04 15:15:06 17.65 KB
  ffviir_jessie_v6.blend   7313 2020-04-08 19:52:58 128.98 MB
  ffviir_jessie_v5.blend   1586 2020-04-04 16:39:28 135.99 MB
  ffviir_jessie_v4.blend   1874 2020-03-22 21:42:46 370.88 MB
  ffviir_jessie_v3_91zmMpb.blend   2060 2020-03-11 23:00:44 370.88 MB
  ffviir_jessie_v2.blend   1648 2020-03-10 18:55:41 358.6 MB
  ffviir_jessie_v1.blend   1934 2020-03-08 21:50:44 318.22 MB
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