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Hey guys! So basically as far as this model goes, it is a ported and a bit edited version of this one:

It is working and quite possible to use BUT since I am not that skilled to make it actually really good it has quite a lot of issues:

  • Arms and legs are unfortunately a bit screwed up since I wanted to use her with her gloves and boots and I had to rig those, now, the arms and legs are made invisible.
  • Shapekeys or well posemorphs do work on the body, however, they are not linked to her clothes.
  • Her hair is not rigged (the original model didn't have it rigged either but either way, I'll rig it in the next update)
  • Her bra is rigged but it is not really rigged that well, what this means is that with some movements, it will start clipping
  • Also seems like her left glove has some weird texture issue

Anyway, overall it is pretty bad but usable and well at least you won't have to port it yourself.

Now, I suppose I am done with saying how bad it is and I'll actually get to it's features:

  • A whole bunch of Posemorphs from the original model
  • Several clothes edited to fit onto the model:
    • Her Boots, gloves, bra, panties
    • Jacket from some lingerie (no idea who made it, I just found it in my old files, if anyone knows then tell me and I'll credit them)
  • Organized structure
  • IKs for arms and legs

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