[Warcraft] Chromie + IK Rig

[Warcraft] Chromie + IK Rig
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[Warcraft] Chromie + IK Rig


A female Gnome who is totally not a time-traveling dragon in disguise.
You can find the original upload by Nibeya&Liard here

New Stuff:

  • added IK functionality for Hands, Feet & Spine
  • added spine rotation master bone
  • additional bones in chest and pelvis area
  • basic faceposing, viewtarget
  • shapekeys for opening eyelids and vagina
  • control panels for switching between IK/FK & rotating all fingers at once

requires Python to be enabled (IK switching)

PBSDF shader requires Blender 2.79

no rigging addons needed though


  Chromie_IK_Rig_v1.0.rar  13962019-01-0618.7 MB
🇳🇱EU Download   🇨🇦NA Download
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