Orphea - Heroes of the Storm

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This is a port/conversion of Heroes of the Storm's Orphea to Blender. There might be a few quirks due to the hackjob I did converting her body from Mets's Ultimate D.Va cause I'm a noob. The rig is pretty much exactly the same as Ultimate D.Va's except for some bones that aren't shared between the two characters (IE: clothing and hair bones). Both her Default and Slacker skins are included, with all color variations currently existing. See Mets's Rig's documentation for usage.

Currently, face textures suck. Maybe eventually I'll have the motivation to redo her face, but not today.

Rig by Mets, body by Elowas.

If you have any issues or just want to hit me up, my discord is zixaphir#1893


  • Mostly rigging improvements

1.1 changes

  • Fixed a few armature issues, improved materials and geometry. Detailed changelog included in blend.

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