Ultimate Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite


Yeah guys I can do non-Overwatch characters too!

This is the rig of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite that was featured in my latest animation. She was the most voted in the rig poll by my Patrons! You can support me on Patreon to get early access to future rigs and decide what I will work on next, or just if you're feeling generous!


  • Requires Blender 2.79 exactly, no lower, no higher.
  • When opening the .blend file, you need to click "Reload Trusted".
  • The textures folder is uploaded separately. It needs to be extracted next to the .blend file.
  • If you find any bugs, ping me in SmutBase discord #blender-support.


  • Includes all 4 in-game skins.
  • You can change skins, clothes and other settings by selecting the gear cog shaped bone, opening the N panel and changing the values under the "Properties" dropdown.
  • Same features and controls as my other Ultimateβ„’ rigs:
  • All meshes cleaned up, quadded, creased and beveled to look as good on render as possible.
  • All the face, breast, butt, genital, finger, etc controls you need.
  • Decent deformations even at extreme angles of limb rotations.
  • There is a proxy nude mesh for higher framerate while animating.
  • NEW! Experimental genital controls with optional Shrinkwrap tech: Tutorial (Warning: Huge performance impact.)
  • Ellowas's nude body, sculpted to Elizabeth's proportions and modified textures.
  • Toggleable IK/FK on all limbs, fingers and spine.


My rig(armature/skeleton) is public domain. Elizabeth, her meshes and textures are property of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Do not sell anything you make with this or they could come knocking at your door. Keep it free, keep it fair.

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