[WoW] Saphira - Night Elf Illidari (Beta)

[WoW] Saphira - Night Elf Illidari (Beta)


My original character Saphira, a female night elf demon hunter

You know the drill, beta = unfinished = probably broken, had a lot of troubles with the FBX on this one so don't be surprised if she's unusable outside of blender :^D


  • Standard IK setup thingy
  • Adjustment rig to better preserve volume and shape while deforming, some might have weird snapping problems, disable the constraints on the bones if it causes trouble
  • Finger controllers
  • Face controlled via original game bones
  • Original body mesh from WoW heavily edited by moi, armour taken from Heroes of the Storm and retextured
  • Custom hands + feet
  • Custom vagoo + boothole
  • Redone textures
  • Shapekeys to fit armour properly and give fingernail/toenail claws
  • She has a shiny 3D blindfold, which is neat
  • Certain parts of the mesh are untextured and just use material setups, I think mostly just the blindfold iirc
  • For FBX users: there's 4 overlay textures included, they're for adding details to the metal of her armour, likewise the fabric of the blindfold has a pattern texture to be used as a transparency mask
  • Big pointy glaives

Once again, not modular, it's simply my character with no other night elf assets, you can use her to make your own stuff if you have the know-how and particularly want to use a crap nelf body for things


  • Blizz for gravel voiced bouncy cuddleboats
  • Me for doing all the work
  • Tektah for troubleshooting FBX problems

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  Saphira_Full1.blend  29472018-10-05 02:31:1574.61 MB
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  Saphira_FBX_Full.rar  22112018-10-05 02:31:1973.63 MB
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