[WoW] Pào Pào - Pandaren Female (Beta)

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[WoW] Pào Pào - Pandaren Female (Beta)


I know I'm gonna regret this, but here's my custom Pandaren female character Pào Pào, this is not a modular WoW model, there are no other assets in this download for recreating your own characters, she is standalone and uniquely modelled for my OC.

Beta is a nicer way of me saying she's fucked right now and has so many problems I can't even think to list them all, you'll encounter a lot of deformation problems with her I'm sure, but for some reason I wanted to finally get her released after years of saying soon™


  • Standard IK setup thingy
  • Adjustment rig for hips/ankles/wrists to better preserve volume and shape while deforming, has weird snapping problems, disable the constraints on the _Adj.R/L bones if it causes trouble
  • Finger controllers
  • Footroll controllers
  • Some belly and chub roll bones on her torso
  • Face controlled via original game bones, rerigged the fucky eyelids
  • Original mesh from WoW heavily edited by moi, made her proper chubby
  • Custom hands + feetpaws complete with proper claws/pawpads
  • Custom vagoo + boothole, they dont deform well, but she doesn't do buttstuff so maybe it's a good thing
  • Redone textures
  • Rigging on the pawpads is dependent on some blender modifiers, so FBX users be prepared for the weights to be a bit off

Notice: I know no one will read or heed this, and I'm not gonna try to stop people doing what they want with this model, but I just want you all to know that if you put any kind of dick on my precious chubby bundle of love and mana buns I will take my scorn of you to the grave



  • Blizz for cuddly pandas
  • Me for doing all the work

P.s yeah the preview is goofy as fuck but I love it it makes me giggle because of how awkward it looks so shush

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  Pao_Pao_Full.rar  30702018-10-01 21:55:5613.19 MB
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  Pao_Pao_Full.blend  36452018-10-01 21:55:5716.28 MB
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