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BLENDER 2.80 USERS: There's a bug that only happens with blender 2.80 where the eyes turn black when rendering in cycles. You can easily fix this by using a newer version of blender or using eevee. If you really have to use 2.80, i uploaded a fixed version of the projects here: and

V1.08 BUGFIX UPDATE: The same as version 1.08 (so still requires blender 2.8+) but i fixed an ancient scripting error: In previous versions the eye material shits the bed if you scale the model (properly done via the master bone of the blenrig). Thanks to this update, the eye material now behaves correctly regardless of scale.

Latest MarioMapPack update: V1.07

Latest textures folder update: V1.08

Nowhere is safe from the flood of turtle titties.

Ready to bing bing wahoo, though there's still some improvements to do.


  • Headhack made with build-a-bod, with almost all of those flexes still usable! Go nuts!
  • body rigged with blenrig
  • Base of the face ripped from Skudbutt's Ruby
  • Essential props included with a few fun extras.
  • As of V1.05: Also includes the 3 main Princesses! The 4 of them together allow for a lot of fun scenarios, especially if you factor in the body shapekeys and the props being available for anyone!
  • As of V1.07: If you prefer your princess (male), we've got you covered too! The princess_male .zip is a one-off remake of the project, this time using the male version of Build-a-bod. Features the assets from V1.06 and a bit extra. Extremely gay, rough around the edges and violating the FristiStains mission statement of no homoβ„’, this dude won't get any updates.
  • Much like the princess (male), we've got a standalone female Wii-fit model now as well! Don't worry, this one isn't gay.
  • big Koopa Knockers

The project (and maps!) assumes Blender 2.79 ( 2.81 as of V1.08) with the free Blenrig add-on and "load trusted" enabled. Without these some things may not work as intended.

To contact me or for more stuff, visit my DeviantArt page:

I hope you enjoy the model as much as i do!


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