Ultimate Sombra - Overwatch

Ultimate Sombra - Overwatch
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Ultimate Sombra - Overwatch


Last updated 05/11/2019 with some minor fixes.

NEW STUFF 18/06/2019:

Ultimate Sombra v4.0, built for Blender 2.8

  • Uses MetsRig 2.0 with a new fancy UI, no more drivers, no more fucking around with shitty custom properties, more optimized, more organized!
  • Support for Eevee & Collections
  • Added Oro skin
  • Added physics to Everything!
  • Over a dozen fixes and improvements

(The old version compatible with Blender 2.79 will stay up, since not everyone is able to use Blender 2.80, but it will not be getting further updates.)


  • Includes all in-game skins up to 06/2019 with an easy way to switch between them.
  • You can find all the rig settings in the 3D viewport N panel.
  • Change skins, remove clothes, change the look of the skin, enable physics, toggle IK, etc.
  • Also includes her guns and translocator.
  • Ellowas's nude body, sculpted to Sombra's proportions and textures modified to her skin tone (including detailed custom nude body texture for Rime).


Sombra, her meshes and textures are property of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Don't sell anything you make with this or they could come knocking on your door.

SmutBase is a free service. However, it costs about $0.03 to deliver you a 1GB file. With over 20TB of traffic every month and growing, SmutBase needs your help. If only 1% of our users each gave us $5 for a single month, we could keep the site running for several years.

  Sombra_v4.3_blender-2.82.zip  54302019-11-05 00:09:22285.73 MB
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  Sombra_v3.0_blender-2.79.zip  23182019-06-18 20:12:02277.0 MB
🇳🇱EU Download   🇨🇦NA Download
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