[WoW] Sheila - Highmountain Tauren Female BETA

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Another OC, Sheila, protection warrior and partner of Rodann!

Remember to ping me if you find issues with the model! Can reach me on Tumblr, Twitter, Discord if you can find me! I copied part of Enuleth's support rig to this model, only around the hips though, none for the arms or lower legs, should be okay without them ( ' - ')b


  • Standard IK setup thingy
  • Several adjustment bones for help with posing
  • Support rig for the hips to preserve volume better
  • Finger controllers!
  • Face controlled via original game bones
  • Original mesh from WoW heavily edited by moi
  • Custom hands with nails
  • Boobs and butt have 6 bones each for better deformation abilities!
  • A pretty primitive facial control rig, can currently only smile, frown, and open/close her mouth, might work more on it in future, might not!
  • Her arms and legs have IK/FK switching abilities, first time I ever tried it so I maybe didn't do it the best way, put the armature into object mode to access the custom properties in the 'N' menu
  • Also socket controls for making the FK arm chains follow her torso or be independent from it! Controls also accessed in the viewports 'N' menu

Once again, I didn't set her up with modularity in mind, with the edits I think it would be tough to swap in other textures and stuff, but if you have the know-how feel free to use him as a basis for your own characters!

Known issues:

  • There is a slight normal map seam down her centre, it'd quite subtle but it's there
  • Vagoo deformations can be funky in some poses
  • Eyes don't seem to be perfectly aligned to the view target when looking directly at the camera
  • The support rig for the hips only works using extrapolate, meaning the bones have the opposite effect when the legs are rotated back, which can lead to weird and undesirable deformations, idk how to fix it tho (. - . )


  • Blizz for beef
  • Me for doing all the work ( ' - ')


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