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Dead Space 3 - Ellie Langford

 Large preview image for Dead Space 3 - Ellie Langford


Ellie Langford extracted from Dead Space 3.

Model contains multiple appearance variants...

  • Flotilla
  • Snowsuit (hoodie up and down)
  • "Back from dead"

...and has been skinned to the original skeleton done by the developers. Does not include a rig, but it would work only on 3D Max anyways and most here probably use Blender. Comes in .FBX and .Max formats (I don't use Blender so deal with it).

The model has several bones, which are un-skinned because I do not know what their purpose is. I don't know if they were used in the game, so I left some of them out.

This is the first time I'm uploading any of my models to anywhere other than SFM Workshop or SFMLab, mainly because for some reason I am unable to succefully port morph targets to Source with this model. I probably could do better preview images, but I'm a scrub at 3D Max lighting stuff at the moment.

The only problems I've noticed so far is that some normals are broken in a way that certain areas look blocky when under certain lighting conditions. I'm too noob to be able to fix it myself, so if you are able to do it, be my guest.

I'm probably going to post here some of my other Dead Space characters I've already finished and ported to SFM.


  • Electronic Arts
  • Visceral Games
  • Me for extracting and skinning the model.

Since this website doesn't support comments below posts for some strange reason, if you have any questions or something, leave them to my Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064151154/

Feel free to use this model in any shape or form. If you are planning to re-publish it or do something similar with some modifications, please credit me, Electronic Arts and Visceral Games.

Source Filmmmaker version can be found here: https://sfmlab.com/item/2920/

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