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Nyotengu (Blender)

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Nyotengu from Dead or Alive for Blender. Rigged with Blender's 2.79 build-in addon, Rigify (almost as good as Blenrig). So make sure you have Blender 2.79, that you enable the Rigify addon from User Preferences and that the "Rigify Legacy Mode" is NOT checked. Easy options will show up on the Properties panel (N) for toggling between IK and FK mode as well as bone layers with names. On the Tool Shelf (T) you can find a few options for animation. You can check this video to see how to use Rigify https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vdsq8ZH9g8 . There are 3 more videos if you want to learn how to rig with Rigify. It's in hindi, but it's a video you don't have to speak it, it's fairly easy to follow, if you know the basics. Keep the textures' folder next to the .blend file. If by any chance the model appears pink in rendered mode, then go to File -> External Data -> Find Missing Files, then locate the textures' folder and click find missing files. I couldn't pack the textures into the blend file because of a weird blender bug that messes up with the materials.

This was intended for personal use so it's not very good, you could say it's pretty bad. It has an oversimplified node setup, it needs improvements almost everywhere and is in desperate need of corrective shapekeys for the knees and elbows. I've included a few poor shapekeys for the intimate parts. Anyway, I realised that I'm not going to work on it any more and that I'd like to see more Blender-quality DOA stuff, so I decided to share. Feel free to improve it and post a better version here, I don't mind at all.

Credits ;

Textures, bumps and hair rig by DOA-Nephilim https://doa-nephilim.deviantart.com/art/DOAHDM-5-0-Nyotengu-688246969

Check out my tumblr and deviant art ;

https://mavixtious.tumblr.com/ https://mavixtious.deviantart.com/

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DoA 5 version? Better than the uglier DoA 6 one, thats for sure, wouldnt mind having her on gmod.
Reply • March 4, 2020, 10:54 p.m. -  Artuurs

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