Ultimate D.Va - Overwatch

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Now works in Blender 2.80!

I present to you my "Ultimate D.Va" rig I've been working on for the past 10 years. Thanks to Ellowas for allowing me to share his full nude body.

Check out this document to learn what the rig can do and where to find cool stuff. This is the one for Pharah, but this rig is mostly the same thing, just with a couple of extras.


  • When opening the .blend file, you need to click "Reload Trusted".
  • If you find any bugs, ping me in SmutBase discord #blender-support.


  • Includes every skin from the game(including OWL Season 1 skins) with simple controls to switch skins and remove clothing.
  • You can change skins and other settings by selecting the gear cog shaped bone, opening the N panel and changing the values under the "Properties" dropdown.
  • Includes some animations from the game.
  • Also includes her Pistols and Mechs.
  • You can change the clothing for each skin by selecting the bone above the gear cog bone.
  • All meshes cleaned up, quadded, creased and beveled to look as good on render as possible.
  • All the face, breast, butt, genital, finger, etc controls you need.
  • Decent deformations even at extreme angles of limb rotations.
  • Upgraded MetsRig with better limb deformations that should look decent even at 150Β° rotations(ie as far as a human can do).
  • Ellowas's nude body
  • There is a proxy nude mesh for higher framerate while animating.
  • Toggleable IK/FK on all limbs, fingers and spine.


  • Ellowas for the nude body and textures
  • Meltrib for the panties and lewd classic skin meshes


D.Va, her meshes and textures are property of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

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