[Mirror's Edge: Catalyst] Faith Connors w/ Pulled Pants & Bare Feets

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A somewhat half-assed and unfinished newd model of Faith from Mirrors Edge!


  • Rigged with Blenrig but does not make use of mesh deform. Footrolls dont work with the barefeets, and the rigging of the pulled pants is a little meh, sorry ( ' - ')
  • Face is NOT rigged using Blenrigs face controls, I rigged her face with Rigify's face rig because it was quicker and easier, and I never intended to use this model more than once or twice
  • Unfortunately I took the lower body from a model with no controls for genitals/anus, but didnt realize until I already did all the work to merge the rigging and stuff, sorry D:

How to Blenrig:

This rig is pretty complex so here you can find the tour to Blenrig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLzCSzfQe8A To use this rig, please download the latest Blender build at https://builder.blender.org/download/

Install and activate the Blenrig addon: https://cloud.blender.org/p/blenrig/56965fc3c379cf44546120e1

^ stole this from one of Vis's uploads, so thanks cheeki breeki ( ' - ')

I organized some non-blenrig bones onto unused layers, they are as follows:

  • Toe and heel controls on layer 11
  • Gen, anus, and butt bones on layer 16
  • DEF, MCH, and ORG bones for the face controls on layers 17, 18, and 19 respectively


  • No SSS setups on the skin, you can steal the node setups from my Harley model though if you want it
  • She isn't refined because I didn't feel like putting too much effort into a model I'd likely only use a couple of times, some of the weights are very iffy, especially on the pulled pants, I'd recommend using shapekeys to hotfix deformations if you use her and things start misbehaving
  • You'll have to live with bad faceposing. Like I said, I didnt wanna spend too much time on this, and I had to re-rig the face because none of the flexes carried over from the SFM port, so I did it pretty shoddily
  • I'm dumb

Model credits go to DICE or whoever made the game idk, and Origio on R34H for the SFM port.

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