Blender Bone Shape Bulk Editing Script

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This little python script allows you to change multiple bone shapes at once. Handy for when you port models from SFM to Blender and you have 50 giant spheres on the model's face.

At the moment the script can:

  • Change the bone shape objects
  • Change the bone shape scale
  • Toggle bone shape scale based on actual bone size
  • Toggle the wireframe setting so you can use shapes without faces


  1. Select the bones you want to change in edit or pose mode of the skeleton
  2. Open the script in the Blender text editor
  3. Change the script parameters to your liking
  4. Hit "Run Script"

Default settings should make the bone shapes smaller that source tools applies as default, if you are as dumb as me and forget to change the import settings.
The script doesn't add any UI, but editing the script by hand shouldn't be too big of a problem.

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