[Overwatch] Nude Talon Widowmaker, complete with rig. (.blend + .fbx)

[Overwatch] Nude Talon Widowmaker, complete with rig. (.blend + .fbx)


  1. I use the hair cage for the hair physics since I'm lazy and simulating the hair is much faster than animating it. That's why no hair control bones in this one.

  2. The vagina has 2 control modes, you can either use the shapekeys, or the bones I have set up.

  3. To see it in max mesh detail you can disable "Simplify" from the right side panel, I just use it all the time, because my PC can't handle it otherwise.

  4. No breast physics setup yet, because I haven't needed it, you can check out my YouTube for a tutorial on that.

  5. Complete facial bones setup, including eyes, teeth, tongue and so on...

    Credits: Original model by Blizzard. The breast and vagina models and the original texture for them by Ellowas. (http://ellowas.tumblr.com). Modeling, texturing, rigging, UV edits and all the rest by me (http://MeltRib.tumblr.com and http://patreon.com/MeltRib).

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  MeltRib_TalonWM_release.blend_contains_textures.zip  67402017-08-10 10:10:4727.19 MB
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  MeltRib_TalonWM_textures.zip  40692017-08-10 10:10:4613.85 MB
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  MeltRib_TalonWM_release.fbx_needs_the_texture_files.zip  38982017-08-10 10:10:4618.58 MB
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