About this site

Is your question not listed, feel free to ask in our Discord chat, or send inquiries directly to admin@sfmlab.com.

How to use this site

What is this site for?
Open3DLab is for sharing 3D resources and SmutBase is its adult content focussed sister site. They're basically a download site for 3D models. Content creators can upload 3D resource files, such as FBX, Blender, Maya or 3ds Max files. Content creators can upload files, and anyone can download them.
Can I sign up?
Yes, but it really depends on what you want to do. Do you make 3D models or other resources that you are willing to share through this site? Then yes, by all means, sign up. Otherwise, for now, there really is no point. As there is no comments section or messaging system on this site yet, there's not much of a point in signing up for any other reason than uploading. Do note: Furry content is only available behind a content filtering feature, which can be disabled by creating an account and marking the furry content switch in your account settings.
Why is there no comments section (yet)?
Comments sections for adult 3D content have traditionally been very negative and unhelpful. They have been terrible in the past, which is why this functionality was not included in the initial release of the site. They may be included in the future, or a different feedback system will be added in some other form.
Are there any rules to uploading files?
Only a few. Please take note of the rules below. Other than that, use your best judgement. We utilize a manual moderation process which means that admins will verify the legitimacy and/or quality of your upload, and judge it by their content standards.
I have anthro/furry/beast content that I would like to upload. Is it allowed?
Yes, but this content should be clearly marked as such (by using the "Furry content" checkbox) and explicit preview pics should be avoided. Please also make sure to enable the "furry content" option in your profile. This option needs to be enabled for both for viewing and uploading such content.
I have underage character models that I would like to upload. Is it allowed?
No. The morality argument aside, even if it concerns fictional characters or 3d models, in the eyes of the authorities it pretty much doesn't matter. The local laws are unclear at best. We do acknowledge that there are corner cases, where characters might fall in a certain age group or otherwise, and we will judge those on an individual basis.
I have a question that's not listed here!
Feel free to ask in our Discord chat, or send inquiries directly to admin@sfmlab.com.

Notice and Take Down

If your content was uploaded to this site without permission, please contact the site staff through admin@sfmlab.com. Your message must:

  • Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon (i.e., describe the work that you own).
  • Identify the content on the site that you claim is infringing on your copyright (preferably include a hyperlink to the offending content)
  • Identify yourself as being the legitimate rights holder of the copyrighted work that is being infringed upon. (i.e. proof of identity and documentation that links you to the copyrighted work as being the rights holder)
  • Provide a reasonably sufficient method of contacting you. Email address is preferred.

If the information is accurate, the site staff will remove the infringing content. Note that this process may take several hours or days depending on the staff's availability.