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Smutbase is an independent site that means to provide a place for artists to share resources for use in modern 3D tools. We host models, textures, sceneries, HDRis and other NSFW resources for machinima filmmakers.

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[Warcraft][C4D] The King's Chambers

Doomfist (Blender)

[HotS] Tyrande Whisperwind

[Mass Effect] Liara Blender

Lucio (Blender)


Skudd's Horse (Beast boy + Horse Variants)

Chloe price Blender

[C4D][Warcraft] Blood Elf Female

Zandalari Tent (Blender)

Sims Hairpack 1

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Keller "Nomad" Female Player Character

Blender DAZ Genesis 3 Male (BlenRig)

[Life is Strange] Chloe and Max's Rooms (Blender)

Liara T'Soni - Mass Effect 3 (Blender)


Eichenwalde Spawn Room

Ultimate Sombra [Blender]

Star Wars Battlefront II HDRs

[HotS] Sylvanas Windrunner