D.Va buttplug

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This is a buttplug with D.Va´s logo. Made it for an animation and decided to upload it here.

It´s a fbx model exported from Cinema 4D. The (only) texture is within the zip file. The picture of the logo wasn´t made by me but found on the Internet.

Hope you guys like it and can use it in some way :)

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🇳🇱 dva_buttplug_noanon_T1f7Veu.zip 🇺🇸 Alternate Download 1277 2018-01-29 1.13 MB
🇳🇱 DVa_Buttplug_thumb_jBKP2EN.jpg 🇺🇸 Alternate Download 456 2018-01-29 374.24 KB
🇳🇱 DVa_Buttplug_sideview_VHJnlY4.jpg 🇺🇸 Alternate Download 465 2018-01-29 402.39 KB