[Harry Potter] Hermione Granger

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Hermione Granger Blender model. Original model (head) is taken from the game "Harry Potter" by Electronic Arts with original textures. Body of the model made with Build-A-Bod project of Neroticus, based on Daz-3D free Genesis body and textures. Body morphs by Daz-3D. Rigged with Blenrig 5.0. Body deformation by mesh deform modifier, Hands&Face deformation performed by armature. Rendered in Blender Cycles.

Last version - 1.03. Added SSS-maps for body and head, hi-res textures for eyes. some clothes added.

Thanks PAHANrus2 for wonderful model of latex suit.

Note: High heels use "Pose HighHeels" from pose library of Hermione rig, apply this pose to the selected rig bones in Pose mode before using of High Heels object. Latex suit use shrinkwrap modifier to perfectly fit suit to body, take this into consideration, when touch suit by hands of model during animation.

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