[Mass Effect] Tali'Zorah vas Normandy


Rendered in Blender Cycles, rigged with BlenRig v5.0 Body is based on Plasmid Tali model for SFM, with all original body morphs remain. Mask model and textures - Mass Effect by Bioware studios. Added textures for specular and SSS-shaders by me. Inverse kinematics on legs, arms and fingers, toes are animated as a whole. Face rig. Original model's eyes and teeth has been replaced by separate meshes, because of different approach to the rigging and rendering in SFM and Blender Cycles, but your can easily find them under the "Mask" modifier of Tali's body. Since model used both face&body morphs, mesh deform and armature - use their combination wisely, for some values your can get very weird results, but commonly all works quite well.

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