Ponytail Kerrigan

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I've been working on this on-and-off for a while now, and I think it's pretty much ready. It's not perfect (fingerposing can be a bit wonky), but it's usable. Basically, it's just the base Kerrigan skin from HotS with the Cheerleader Kerrigan skin's hair slapped on, a custom tongue added, and some physics sim stuff. The mesh had to be adjusted, much of it re-skinned, and in the case of the hair, entirely re-rigged to be worth using. The textures aren't the best (1024x1024) but painting over them is more work than I'm willing to invest. They're packed into the .blend file, so if they don't work automatically, unpack them.

She has a number of shapekeys (cheek bulge l/r, deepthroat 1-4, tongue wrap) for deformation and you can snap her wings off near the base if you don't want to bother animating them or they won't fit into your scene (they're fucking huge).

UPDATE 9/4/17: added two new versions of this model with the wings and hip spikes cleanly removed - these versions lack most of the shapekeys of the original, they just have ass and breast size, but they look pretty good if I do say so myself. Those versions are in a separate .blend file available below: bfs_kerrigan.blend; simply append either group from that file into your scene.


Blender 2.79 or newer (currently available in nightly/test builds)

JiggleArmature addon (http://cheece.github.io/JiggleArmature/) I don't know what happens if you open the .blend without the addon installed. I imagine you just won't have access to the jigglebones and will have superfluous bones.

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