Dragon Dildo

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Here's a dildo that I modeled. Since it's sculpted, it's a bit on the higher poly side. Includes: Dragon Dildo Jiggle Modifier Knoting Shapekey Easy to understand material Black and White mask texture (oh god, who let me texture this!?)

To remove the softbody physics, go to the second layer and delete the mesh cage.

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
Dragon_Toy.blend 2004 2017-05-27 18.66 MB
Toy_1.png 552 2017-05-27 1016.27 KB
Toy_Front_VWrAJmD.png 460 2017-05-27 820.86 KB
Toy_Side.png 463 2017-05-27 803.18 KB
Toy_Recolor.png 516 2017-05-27 816.9 KB
Toy_Glow.png 522 2017-05-27 662.13 KB