[HoTS/WoW] Lewd Lunara for Blender


Lunara from HoTS and World of Warcraft made lewd for all of your lewding needs (~ ' - ')~

Bits and Bobs:

  • IK rig that might be a bit janky because her legs have more than 2 bones D:
  • Faceposing via bones
  • Original HoTS rigging with some tiny improvements here and there
  • Custom ladyparts and butthole for storing all your spare dongers, or whatever else you might have ( ' - ')b
  • Anus/Vagina primarily controlled via flexes, bones also included but recommended to be used for adjustment rather than the actual posing
  • Bubs with physics that probably dont work right idk
  • Poopy shaders
  • Please dont ban me Ganon


  • Blizzard for the Dryad booty
  • Me I guess v( ' - ')v

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