[WarCraft][C4D] Lunarfall Commander's Bedroom

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The bedroom as seen in my movie, "The Last Night". Enjoy!


  • Full Room, Mostly Optimized.
  • All objects are individual, objects can be disabled as required.
  • Basic controls for "Robot SpyCam".
  • Feel free to edit it however you please.

I have a whole series of tutorials for C4D for those that are new


  • Valnoressa for allowing me to use her magazine object for some added flare.
  • Medeister for the crazy dildo model.
  • Blizzard for making the models in the first place.

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Lakuu-Bedroom-Pack_MainCam01.jpg 502 2017-04-19 118.77 KB
Lakuu-Bedroom-Pack_MainCam02.jpg 378 2017-04-19 96.05 KB
Lakuu-Bedroom-Pack_MainCam03.jpg 607 2017-04-19 100.28 KB
Lakuu-Bedroom-Pack_MainCam04.jpg 403 2017-04-19 102.68 KB
Lakuu-Bedroom-Pack_MainPromo01.jpg 400 2017-04-19 107.1 KB
Lakuu-Bedroom-Pack_UCHf2Wr.zip 1722 2017-04-19 46.19 MB