2B - Nier: Automata

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  • Rigged with Blenrig 5
  • Particle hair
  • Toggleable nude chest / nude butt
  • All clothes are rigged except for armor but its left on one of the layers if u wana rig it urself
  • Bones to control her anus and vagina
  • A bone with properties to control the model (enable/disable parts of clothing, enable/disable nudity, choose between particle hair and mesh hair and some other things ive added dere :O) the bone's name is 'custom properties' btw

Required addons: -Blenrig 5 -- https://gitlab.com/jpbouza/BlenRig

Big thanks to Yeero for some shaders and particle hair!!

PS If the sliders on Custom_Properties bone do nothing you should go to File->User Preferences-> File-> check 'Auto Run Python scripts' -> save settings and restart Blender

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