Content of this release

  • armored ninja cloth
  • swords
  • rigged hair
  • breasts, ass and clothes/sword physics


  • The model should work with both Eevee and Cycles rendering engines.
  • The physics is available for the breasts, the ass, the ribbons and the swords. Note that the physics is disabled by default. You can enable it Physics modifiers of the A_Bounce and B_Bounce meshes (in the Physics collection), and in the sword and ribbon meshes.
  • Some masks are also included to avoid clipping with armgloves or shoes
  • The model use Corrective Smooth modifiers. If you find some odd clipping while posing the model, try to disable them.
  • Rescale the mode in Object Mode (and not in Pose mode). Note that if you rescale the model you might need to adjust the physics settings and/or the SS settings.

Final notes



Version 3 (30/11/2019)

  • the physics of the swords has been improved
  • added a readme text to the model
  • rescaled the units of the model: the model is not 66m tall anymore! :-)
  • fixed the toes
  • fixed the ribbons and the hair not scaling correctly with the model
  • to avoid any confusion, the physics is disabled by default

Version 2 (first release)

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