[WarCraft][C4D] Zul'jin


Zul'jin HOTS model ported to Cinema4D. Enjoy!


  • Advanced Control Rig
  • Faceposing via bones and morphs
  • Some preset face shapes (check morph tags)
  • Experimental dick rig using both splikeIK and squash/stretch IK
  • Eye aim constraint for eye tracking (+ eye helper)
  • Head aim constraint for head tracking
  • Proper toe rolling controls for walking
  • Visual Selector for control workflow
  • Uses Subdivision Surface for nude model
  • Comes with original meshes, joints, and materials
  • Will try to upload FBX at a later date.

Need help? Confused?


Also have a whole series of tutorials for C4D for those that are new


If you use a version older than R18 and notice the dick breaks, you can download the R17 zip file. That one uses a basic IK/FK combo rig that should work with older versions. If people have too many issues with the experimental rig I may just change the default to the IK/FK rigging. Please inform me of any problems. Thank you.

Update: As I have reverted to a lower scaling on my models, I have added an updated project file with a scaled down Zul'jin. To use, just download the original file (mostly for the textures) and then pop the new project file into the same folder. This scaling should match up with any future backdrops I upload.


  • GWorks for helping me figure out how to get HOTS models ripped out
  • Poserotica for the freebie HiroGens Penis that I used for him
  • Blizzard for making the model in the first place. It's pretty nice.

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
ZuljinC4D.zip 917 2017-02-28 6.08 MB
Zuljin_SB_Image.jpg 424 2017-02-28 259.09 KB
ZuljinR17.zip 738 2017-03-01 6.1 MB
ZuljinBase18s.c4d 553 2017-04-21 7.24 MB