Moxxi - Borderlands 3


Moxxi - Borderlands 3


Works with Cycles and EEVEE, but you should use EEVEE since BL3 is very stylized game

the blend file and the texture folder need to be in the same folder. If you want to have them separately go to File -> external data -> find missing files

v. 0.06
  • Imporved python menu
  • added new masks
  • added corrective shapekeys which are turned on based on visibility of clothing
  • added shapekey for vagina and added one for anus
  • edited mesh cage for better deformation
  • improved face weights
  • parented objects to the rig
  • added readme
v. 0.05
  • Imporved python menu
  • shapekey for opening vagina
  • cycles materials
v. 0.04
  • New python menu

It's my first rig and I tried my best. Obviously it's not perfect and I will have to fix a lot of things.
If you encounter any bugs message me on Twitter

If you don't mind tagging me when you create something that would be cool!

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