Gogo Tomago


Another model i ported to blender as a comission.


Ready to use in blender 2.8 in EEVEE or CYCLES (Default)
Properties bone for changing:
      1.- Suit on/off
      2.- Suit ripped/normal
      3.- Top exposed/hidden breasts
      4.- Disc options

Update 1 FIX:

Fixed butt cheeks clipping with bodysuit.

Remember to tag me in whatever you do with her, i always love to see what you guys do with my models <3

Original model obtained from here: https://www.deviantart.com/sticklove/art/GoGo-Tomago-816083620

Source of the nude body: http://smutba.se/project/6/ (Mesh by ellowas)

Originally Comissioned by: https://twitter.com/JustFry3D (Asked me to publish her here)

You can follow me at: https://twitter.com/gifdoozer Also, you can support me at: https://www.patreon.com/GifdoozerPat

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