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Borderlands 3 Maya nudified. If you want to use Eevee for animating or editing, disable normal maps and the model will work smoothly.


  • Boob, hair and cape physics (cage deform)
  • Blenrig 5
  • Hair and cape bones
  • Cape (only clothing atm)
  • a minor hip fix ability
  • Siren ability adjustable (must be adjusted from the body and arms materials)

The model was polished for Eevee. I have no idea how well it works in cycles.

V 1.9

  • Changed bump maps to normals
  • Eyes now look at the target
  • Fixed weight mapping on the interior of the vagina
  • Fixed Hair physics mesh no longer has self collision
  • Fixed weight painting on the hood clothings shoulder region
  • Fixed weight painting on nose region
  • Fixed weight painting on toes (still kinda shit)
  • Fixed minor hair posing
  • Mesh cages are now only invisible to the user and dont need to be toggled for physics to work.
  • Adjusted vagina_up shape key

V 1.8

  • Cape physics now move with the rig
  • eyelids rig movement drivers fixed
  • fixed boobphysics cage deform issue

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