To fix the nose problem on the hobgoblin model you need to install this plugin: http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/p/daz-importer-version-14.html (You need to install the "Stable Version 1.4") it is a daz importer plugin for blender 2.8, after installing it and enabling it, restart blender and the model will no longer have the nose problem.

This is the process to install the plugin inside blender 2.8

Edit > Preferences > Add-Ons > Install > Select the daz plugin > Enable it > Restart Blender


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This model should work fine in Cycles/EEVEE, please tag me if you use it and i will retweet. The rig/weight paint on the genitalia isn't perfect so you might find some problems, and there is a seam that i tried to remove with texture paint but without result.

Goblin model from Daz Genitalia from https://smutba.se/project/371/

  • Features -
  • Rigify Rig
  • Shape Key Corrective
  • Shape Key on Genitalia (made by the original creator and "ALL MIGHT shape key made by me"
  • Subdivision Controller
  • Simple Face Controller
  • Simple rigged piece of cloth with "Hole Size Controller" based on genitalia size


Daz for Hobgoblin

Mustard for porting genitalia to smutba

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