Hoodie Shader for Akali by Gifdoozer (with glowing patterns)

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First of all, HUGE thanks to Gifdoozer for the amazing port! (https://smutba.se/project/455/)

Contents of the shader:

-The texture is the same but AI-upscaled to 4K. You could also use it for other materials that use the same texture.

-My own glowy patterns (a bit messy at some points) and a glowing dragon.

-Displacement Modifier that brings out the 'pads' (or what you call them) on the hoodie.

-You can change the look of the 'pads' or the seams inbetween (see pictures).

Now on to:


I recommend disabling the hoodie's subdivision modifier for the viewport and setting it to 3 (or more if you want) for the render which brings out the displacement quite nicely (should also work for cloth simulations, put the cloth modifier before the subdivision modifier and the displacement at the end). Also press alt-H in edit mode to get the hood to reappear if you need to edit it.

Appending the shader:

If you plan on appending the shader into your project you also have to add the same displacement modifier that is in the blendfile (if you want the same look as in the pictures). Change the displacement modifier's texture coordinate to UV and the strength to -0.005. In the texture tab check colorramp and change the interpolation from linear to B-Spline.

Appending the hoodie:

Once the hoodie is in your project, you first need to make sure the hoodie's scale is 1/1/1. If not just apply the scale by pressing CTRL-A and then scale. Then in the outliner drag and drop the hoodie onto Akali's rig while pressing shift and select: Armature Deform (I'm not sure if this is totally correct but it works...).

Create your own shader:

There are also just the texture-files if you want to make your own shader.

 It would be nice if you could credit me for the patterns as I spent a lot of time on them  :)

 Also if you have any questions I MIGHT take a look here once in a while: https://twitter.com/Cinnabon9

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