Shantae/Nega Shantae (v1.02) Blender 2.8

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Rafa Knight's Shantae

If there are any bugs, please notify me on Twitter

v1 Sept. 3, 2019 (Blender 2.8) Release notes:

  • Converted to Blender 2.8
  • Shaders have been updated to look mode like Rafa's original design
  • Textures now include Nega Shantae

v1.01 Sept. 9, 2019 (Blender 2.8) Release notes:

  • Fixed the body texture issue caused by the normal map

v1.02 Sept. 29, 2019 (Blender 2.8) Release notes:

  • Changed the skin node setup slightly so it should appear less 'dirty'

Notes and what have you:

  • Updated shaders
  • Footroll and toeroll controllers
  • Individual toe bones
  • Experimental finger controllers
  • Vagoogoo and buttwhole for lewds. Vagoogoo is rigged with bones, buttwhole is controlled mainly via shapekays and has bones for adjustment
  • Meshes are quadded

Note about her eyes:

Unlike most models, he eyes are planes, not 3D. They are controlled via UV projection modifiers. You only need to rotate the a tiny amount for the eyes to work properly. If anyone knows how to get them to work like normal view targets that would be greatly appreciated but for now you'll have to just make do.


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