[Overwatch] Lewd Zarya for Blender - BETA

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Default Zarya from Overwatch with a lewd lower half.


  • Standard IK rig with custom shapes
  • Face controls via bones
  • Original game rigging on upper half, original Daz rigging on lower half
  • Some shaders of questionable quality
  • Lots of bevel weights on the mesh to preserve hard edges
  • Lower body has a boatload of shapekeys to adjust the shape of the legs, feets, and butt
  • Fully functioning ladyparts and butthole, controlled via shapekeys
  • Also buttcheek bones (~ ' - ')~

Reminder: she's not finished! I had planned on working a lot more of her before releasing, but I've spent maybe 4 days straight working on her and I kinda just wanna put her out there for people to use in her current state. And hey, it's blender, you can fix things yourself!


A couple extra things:

  • Her particle canon is included, but it is not ready in any way. The rigging is untouched, and the shader is just stolen from Zarya with replaced textures. You can fix it up if you like, because I dont really plan to ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • Some of the rigging might be broken, idk ( ' - ')
  • Lots of adjustment bones on other layers from the original rip
  • im dumb

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