Zombie Dog Resident Evil


Zombie Dog - Resident Evil

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This model should work fine in both Cycles and EEVEE, please tag me if you use it and i will retweet. This is my first rig so you might find some problems, i tried my best to fix it with some "Shape keys" and "Weight Paint"

Model ripped with Noesis and VTFEdit

A Special Thanks to Wo!262 for the help.

  • Features -

  • Rigify Rig

  • Shape Key Corrective
  • Shape Key on Genitalia ( Made by BarbellSFM )
  • Genitalia wetness controller
  • Subdivision Controller
  • Simple Face Controller
  • multiple genitalia textures


  • BarbellSFM for Genitalia model.
  • LordAardvark for Zombie Dog model.
  • FenrirsRevenge9 for Wetness shader.

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