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crute's Drip and Tan Node Group

V 1.0

The Drip and Tan Node is a node group to facilitate adding tanlines and droplets of fluid to a model's already existing skin.
I built it along the ideas Irastris shared with me. He will soon publish his own version of this thing, the main differences being

a) Irastris' node setup is cleaner than mine
b) This version uses a Procedural Noise Generator for the Droplet Map

Should work in Cycles as well as Eevee


Append the shader node group to your .blend file:

File -> Append...
Find the Drip and Tan Shader Group Node file
Select it, it will show up like a folder containing multiple other folders
From these folders, chose the one named "Node Tree"
Chose the Drip and Tan Shader Data Block

Select the object in question, open the Shader Editor
Hit Shift + A and select the Group entry. Pick the Drip and Tan Node and add it to your network.

Plug in your regular maps like:

Skin Diffuse: (Color of the skin)
Skin Normal: (Normal Maps for details)
Skin Roughness: (Skin Reflectiveness)

The Shader Group takes some additional inputs:
Tanline Map: See below
Droplet Map: See below

Normal Strength: Strength Multiplier for Normal Maps
Skin Roughness (Roughness Map. Should be Black and White)

Tan Intensity: Sets how much tanning your base skin color is going to receive. How many hours you are behind on the sunscreen.
Tan Difference: Sets how close the non-tanned areas are to the tanned ones. How many hours the bikini was on while in the sun.
Tanline Map: Black and White Map determining where the light areas of the skin are. (White for light areas, Black for tanned ones.)

Wet Gloss: How glossy (reflective) the water droplets are.
Droplet Height: How far the droplets stand out from the skin.
Droplet Map: Black and White Map determining where the droplets go on the model.

  • Instead of painting a texture, you can also use the procedural, which is a Musgrave node with the following settings:

    • Ridged Multifractal

      • Scale: 22.891
      • Detail: 6.0
      • Dimension: 100.00
      • Lacunarity: 1.002 (If you want the spacing of the droplets to change, do it here, but you will have to do it on the 5th decimal or so. It is really finicky)
      • Offset: 0.842346
      • Gain: 4.244
      • Droplet Shadow Intensity: Adjusts Light Gain (negative) or Loss (positive) underneath the droplets.
  • For a less dense Droplet Map, you can set the Musgrave Noise to these settings:

    • Ridged Multifractal

      • Scale: 22.891
      • Detail: 6.297
      • Dimension: 200.00
      • Lacunarity: 0.995 (If you want the spacing of the droplets to change, do it here, but you will have to do it on the 5th decimal or so. It is really finicky)
      • Offset: 0.723
      • Gain: 6.938

Additional Resources

  • There is a free water-droplet displacement map that is also an animated texture loop by iDani available on Gumroad.
  • Another 8K map made by Cornelius DΓ€mmrich I have attached to the download below, it is also available on Gumroad
  • If you crave even more variance, CGvray has another 10 Droplets Maps to play with.


  • Irastris: Basically stole the whole idea from him. Yolo!
  • zixaphir: A lot of help with refining the node setup.
  • ATTANIUS: Beta testing
  • Cornelius DΓ€mmrich: Provided the 8K EXR Displacement map in the download. More on Cornelius

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