[Overwatch] Pharah v3.0 for Blender 2.80

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Pharah v3 for Blender 2.8 comes with more outfits, more customization options and next-gen custom controls that makes using the model a breeze. This is without a doubt one of the best models you can find out there.

How to use it

  • Just open the file, and choose "Allow execution" (if Blender asks you).
  • With the file loaded select Pharah's body (or rig) and you will get a panel called "Pharah 3.0" in the 3D Viewport sidepanel.

User guide

For a more in-depth look on how to use the model, how to import it to other .blend files and other tips and tricks make sure to

>> Read the user guide

What's new in 3.0

  • Catsuit outfit - with new shoes and quite a few materials (thanks to @gifdoozer for adding this)
  • Security chief armor - Works great in conjuction with other outfits
  • Qinglong eyes - You can also change the color of the eyes
  • Breasts/butt bones - Good for animations and simulating jiggle
  • Exotic outfit - Fits well with her egyptian background
  • Lingerie - Huge thanks to @gifdoozer for this one
  • Sweater dress - For a more elegant look
  • Pose library - A collection of about 30 poses I used in my renders which you can quickly use
  • Longer hair - the model has a slider for longer hair, but you can also come up with interesting results if you scale up the bones for the Default hairdo

What's updated in 3.0

  • Bodymorph - Added bodymorphs for deepthroat and vagina penetration.
  • Extra hairdos - Added Korra’s hairdo.
  • Runny makeup / tanlines / body sweat - Updated the textures for a more natural look.
  • Pubic hair - Now you can easily set the bush thickness.
  • Bodysuit - Was completely redone. Now comes with some Infiltrator gear such as backpack, boots and sidearms.
  • Lieutenant outfit - Updated to include the chest armor, sleep dart and included a Bodysuit color variation that fits the armor.
  • Rock outfit - Now includes torn stockings and the options to turn the stockings into socks. It also comes bubblegum.
  • Sports outfit - Completely redone the fingerless gloves. Added boxing gloves, post-workout towel, jacket and headphones.
  • Props - Added a barstool, beanbag, dumbbell (thanks to @Barbell), wired fence, folding chair, football. water bottle (thanks to @Yeero3D) and mirror.
  • Weapons - Added the Security Officer rocket launcher and a handgun for the Bodysuit.
  • Tons of bugfixes and smaller improvements

To add this model to your scene

  1. Go to File β†’ Append... and select the Pharah .blend file
  2. Select \Collection\Pharah 3.0
  3. Save the file and restart Blender (for the script to start)

That's it

Texture PSDs

If you want to change the source files of the textures, all the PSDs are available for download


If you want to provide feedback or report bugs, you can get in touch with me on:


Post release fixes

  • 25.11.2019 | v3.2.1
  • 31.08.2019 | v3.1.8
    • improved performance drastically by removing a mask on the body: right now it jumps from ~20 fps to ~40 fps with just the naked body, in Solid mode (thanks to Rekin and zeddb)
  • 17.08.2019 | v3.1.7
    • fixed dominatrix collar and chain not being hidden by the UI
  • 17.08.2019 | v3.1.6
    • added dominatrix collar and chain
    • fixed the look of the ears
    • fixed the sides of the dominatrix garters's texture looking weird
    • fixed bodysuit transparent parts casting shadows
  • 10.08.2019 | v3.1.4
    • improved the look of the nails (thanks to @Auxtasy)
    • fixed two white dots that apeared around the chest/shoulders (thanks to @Auxtasy)
    • fixed material on hair accessories (thanks to @Auxtasy)
  • 04.08.2019 | v3.1.1

    • updated the materials for the eyes and face (thanks to @FireboxStudio): before | after
    • Added a slider to control the sweat's reflexiveness (adjust this if the sweat looks weird based on your scene's lighting)
    • Made the Texture color mode work for all materials when the Viewport is in Solid mode (thanks to @mets)
    • Made breasts tape change color on the Dominatric outfit
  • 28.07.2019 | v3.1.0

    • Enabled compression in the .blend file so now it's 56Mb instead of 173Mb (thanks to @mets)
    • Changed the collections and added the script inside the Pharah object itself so appending the model is much easier now (thanks to @mets)
    • Changed the UI checkboxes into toggle buttons and updated the UI a bit
    • Fixed a small bug that spammed the console with errors (thanks to @mets)
  • 27.07.2019 | v3.0.10

    • fixed some textures not properly loading (thanks to Riverman)
  • 27.07.2019 | v3.0.9

    • Initial release

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