Triss Merigold Ultimate Rig

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You, who never read the description! Check the data panel of the nude body (orange square) to find plenty of cool custom properties (freckles, lube, wet etc.)

A fully rigged model of Triss Merigold, created for Blender 2.8.
I also added some custom outfits I created for various animations I did. They might or might not work.


  • Nude body (heavily retopologized, anal & pussy shapekeys, various breasts & ass shapes)
  • Another nude body, the original one, with old genitals (rigged) and no shapekeys. Not recommended
  • Default outfit (same)
  • Lingerie (top and bottom separated)
  • Dress
  • Amulet, earrings etc.
  • Various modified outfits
  • Hood (down or not)
  • Various masks on different parts to use only parts of the clothes

Rig features:

  • Standard rigify controls: IK hands, legs, fingers, head, hips etc; lookat...
  • New genitals from Daz3D
  • Genitals & anus shapekeys
  • Hair and breasts physics
  • Complete facial controls

Material features:

  • High quality materials
  • Wetness map slider, like, water-wet
  • Lube ass slider, like, lube-wet
  • Small roughness modifications to make nipples and belly a tad more sweety
  • Custom pussy material
  • Additional freckles


1. Clearing all transforms DOES NOT set the bones in the same position as the rest pose, due to the high complexity of the rig. Still, I provide a "correct rest pose" in the pose library, which you can apply to reset the model.

2. About hand IK. If you pull her hands too far, they tear up. If you don't, they're OK. If you want to pull her hand too far (for some reason, who knows...) then select the IK goal, go to the Items panel (n key) > Rig main properties > set IK_Stretch to 1. Now her hands will be fine, but her arms will get stretched.

3. For some reason, Blender 2.8 displays some layers of the armature as "unused", while these layers actually contain the original rig, which is constrained to match the rigify rig. You can modify those bones if you want to (often not useful).

4. Hair physics is a tad messy. But a hair bones layer exists in the armature (marked as empty too...).

5. Breasts physics is... complicated. You have to manually adjusts parameters according to each animation, because I can't predict what you want them to look like.

/!\ beta model!

I'm still working on it. There are a couple of known issues: normals problem on the leg (easily fixed by a subsurf, but still). Lips sometimes tear up.

Edit 1: updated the body to fix a normals problem. Shapekeys updated. Animation removed.

Edit 2: fixed some normals. Wetness map enhanced.

Edit 3: good looking pussy! Normals fixed (again...), tongue bone. Teeth and lip problems are fixed too.

Edit 4:
- Custom freckles: 4 types (looks so sweet <3)
- Whiter skin tone (slider)
- Hair color slider
- Outfit: blue tint, super nice normals (way better than before in general)
- All bones are IN FUCKING EULER ROTATION now. Yay!

- Boots mask
- Hood mask
- Face bones no more hidden...
- Hair cloth material is no more missing
- Ass vertex modifs


MoogleOutFitters for the raw XPS model.
Of course, CDPR for the original Triss model.

If you have any problem with the model, please contact me on Twitter:
If you modify the model and then release some work with it, you may then publish the modified model as well, according to the license.
Please credit me if you use this model for your work :)

Happy Blending!

Disclaimer: this model is currently being tested. Please send me the weird things and errors you might get.

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