Maya v1.0

ARRadiation has yet to upload a media file


Blender 2.79

Orignal Model from LordAardvark

Ported By Me


Completely new Torso System, not that advanced but better than my previous rigs.

Better Eye and Head Controls.

Improved Face Controls, it should be easier to pose the mouth and eyebrows now.

Simplier FootIKs like my Jill Rig.

Coloured Bones, should help with finding what bones you want

Any issues, suggestions or requests contact me.

Known Issues:

Foot Roll Deforms are odd when Maya is nude. Use Foot Ctrl for better rotation deforms.


Unpack textures to another folder if you are having memory issues.

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
Maya_1.0.blend 435 2019-04-22 116.54 MB