Moira From overwatch

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hey duds hope u enjoy using this model even tho it needs a rig and sum work so bad butta yeah

the model includes:

Moira's Casual outfit

Moira's lab outfit

Moira in a bikini outfit

Moira in a swimsuit

Moira Fully Nude

A shader from

Oh and I forgot to add the shader to the asshole, just copy it from any other part

original Author:

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Moira1.png 88 2019-03-21 7.34 MB
Moira3.png 74 2019-03-21 5.6 MB
Moira5.png 73 2019-03-21 5.19 MB
Moira.blend 316 2019-03-21 85.18 MB
Moira2.png 67 2019-03-21 7.8 MB
Moira4.png 77 2019-03-21 7.55 MB 357 2019-03-21 73.38 MB