[Devil May Cry 5] [Blender] Van

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Hello, yes, this is the Van from Devil May Cry 5.
Requires Blender 2.79.

● 1 van.
● Essential bones set up for easy transforms.
● Tons of unused bones on the last layer.

No additional meshes seen in the preview images are included.
Mesh and material names are a complete mess for a reason.

Huge thanks to Mets for his script to prevent premultiplied alphas with textures that store roughness/metalness information in their alpha channels (aka 2x less image textures) as well as the bone shapes monkasok

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textures_vXMwiXO.zip 535 2019-03-17 609.46 MB
DMC5_Van_foaZ7p9.blend 625 2019-03-17 235.16 MB
DMC5_Van_Post_1_PtZKBKw.png 168 2019-03-17 2.65 MB
DMC5_Van_Post_3_wN9nwj7.png 168 2019-03-17 615.95 KB
DMC5_Van_Post_2_EGil4Yb.png 177 2019-03-17 674.13 KB
DMC5_Van_Post_1_Sliced.png 168 2019-03-17 1.04 MB