[C4D] Robyn's Cabin


Before you download it, (https://youtu.be/ogT469e5uAo "I recommend watching this video.")

This is an ancient creation that I have updated to my newest staging format. To celebrate the new tricks I have learned, I wanted to release it so everyone can enjoy and use as they wish. It has older doodads, but I always felt the style fit her immensely.

  1. Master project uses an XREF. If you would prefer to ignore XREF files, simply open the "Master" project under the TEX folder and use it instead.
  2. Stage comes with various detail controls including preset animations for the candles and swaying fixtures, opening the door, and adjusting light levels.
  3. While you can move around characters in the stage, I find the best way to adjust is to use the position and rotation nulls to move the stage around the characters. Up to you.
  4. This was created in R19. No idea how well it will work in other versions.

Lastly do whatever you like on it. Use it to learn, add lights, cameras, more doodads, whatever you wish. Just make sure to have fun. If the project gives you any issues contact me on discord, but I attempted to make it as simple as possible for someone to use, and even made the video far above to help people understand how it all works. Cheers.

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