Helen Parr - Incredibles 2 (For Blender 2.79/2.8 Cycles)

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Helen Parr featuring multiple outfits so you can play dress up with her.

It's Skuddbutt's Maya model converted to the latest Blender version, 2.8. No extra weightpainting has been done. It has all the original bones but with Custom Shapes and IK-movement. The model originally had no facebones -except for jaw and tongue- and has shapekeys to change facial expressions. I made a Driver-driven panel for the facial shapekeys so you don't have to change her shapekeys manually for every facemesh.

How to use the outfits: You can select different outfits using the new Collections in Blender 2.8. There is a full body model and a head only model. The head only is mostly used with her superhero suits to avoid clipping. When you use her superhero mask it's best to hide her eyebrows and eyelashes. There's also a 'shape-suit' shapekey that you can use to make her fit better into her costumes when needed. She is a little too THICC for her own good and her deformations aren't that great so you might want to sculpt some shapekeys to fix her in some poses.

I've also added some butt bones but those only work for her full nude body, not any of her costumes. The model isn't really super beginner-friendly, depending on what you do with the model, you might need to fix some problems yourself.

The license is CC because the model is originally Skuddbutt's.

-Update 1.1.: Improved knee deformations

-Added a 2.79 version. ported by PAHANrusTwo(2). Bother him, not me with questions regarding the 2.79 version.

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