Tali'Zorah for Blender

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This is a port of g1pno's Tali'Zorah model. Because I'm dumb and didn't want to import from XNA, I instead used Sedyin's SFM port as a base. The suit is ported from LordAardvark's Bodymorph Tali, but I've switched it to use g1pno's HD textures. The rig is a pretty bog-standard Rigify thing with some ero bits bolted on and an options gear.


  • Breast, Hip, and Waist size shape keys
  • 5 Skin colors
  • Clothed and nude options
  • Removable helmet and visor
  • Easily toggleable viewport subdivisions
  • Hand converted to quads (there are still a few tris that are very difficult to fix)
  • Beveled where needed
  • Custom multilayer ero rigging (oriented for easy shrinkwrap bone constraints)


If you like this model, please support me on patreon: https://patreon.com/zixh

Thank you to the Smutba.se discord, for always being a great help.

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0005.png 353 2019-02-02 2.24 MB
0003.png 305 2019-02-02 2.25 MB
SkinColors.png 309 2019-02-02 7.61 MB
OutfitPreview.png 283 2019-02-02 4.71 MB
HipsPreview.png 313 2019-02-02 1.6 MB
BreastPreview.png 352 2019-02-02 1.78 MB
HelmetPreview.png 271 2019-02-02 1.57 MB
tali_textures.7z 1447 2019-02-02 220.41 MB
Tali.7z 1562 2019-02-02 3.5 MB