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Finally, here’s Miranda Lawson for Blender. This model is kind of different in the way Miranda’s face isn’t a port from her original model, but instead her face was recreated in Daz studio. Since the model is from daz studio, it comes with 4k textures, but in the blend file provided, I simplified the scene to limit the texture size to 2k. Also, the armature has a lot of unused or unnecessary bones on the second armature layer. Most of the face bones are on that layer, but I would recommend to pose the face with shape keys since it’s a lot easier and there's just a ton of shape keys to use. I’ve also made”fit” shape keys for the arms and legs of the model to reduce clipping through her outfits. These shape keys are on by default. Finally, unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to rig the model’s wrist twists with the hand roll, so the wrist twists need to be pose manually. Also, this model may get some updates in the future, probably outfits and stuff.

This model has:

  • 3 main variants of Miranda’s outfit.
    • Also has alternate textures for her suit in the texture folder
  • An omni tool
  • Corrective shape keys with drivers for most of main bone rotations
  • Node groups for the skin
    • can easily change the wet/roughness of the skin
  • A basic Ik Rig
  • Tons of shape keys for posing the face, and changing body proportions
    • Genital Shape keys for the anus and vagina
    • Also has body shape keys for the outfits (Except one is broken)
  • Rigged eyelids, reacts to the position of the eyes via the view target
  • Rigged Fingers
  • A Head master bone, and Spine master bone
    • But each bone affected by the master bones can be posed individually.

Credits goes to:

Bioware - Obviously

Lordardvark - Miranda outfits

Daz studio - for textures and the model



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