[Mass Effect] Miranda Lawson V2

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This is a heavily improved version of the Miranda model I made a couple months ago. Many of the changes I’ve made are better textures, buttons/sliders for shaders, an improved rig, better shape key controls, etc. There’s too much to talk about regards to all the things the model can do, so if you are planning on using the model, then I recommend you watch this demonstration video to get a feel on how to use my model correctly.

Video: https://mega.nz/#!79c2SYzZ!gzynrOzqNdQJNqU8fD_kFw---No323enimos8UNNpzY

The textures should be following relative folder paths, so make sure to place the textures folder in the same directory as the blend file.

If some drivers or such aren’t working on the model, keep an eye out for a “reload trusted” button in the upper right corner of the screen. If you are having problems after that, then please PM me on my Twitter.

Also, I need to note that "Buttshape_2" doesn't work on a couple of the outfits.

Credits goes to:

Bioware - Obviously

Lordardvark - Miranda outfits

Daz studio - for textures and the model



Filename Downloads Created Filesize
Miranda.rar 186 2019-03-03 144.09 MB
Miranda_5_VqTB2cm.png 71 2019-03-03 1.74 MB
Miranda_4_OLe03Gj.png 45 2019-03-03 1.04 MB
Miranda_2_OBRDqGD.png 47 2019-03-03 1.79 MB
Miranda_3_kO8nsRM.png 44 2019-03-03 1.4 MB
Miranda_1_oOGO7jJ.png 48 2019-03-03 1.11 MB
MirandaUpdated.rar 41 2019-03-16 144.14 MB