Doomfist (Blender)

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Rigged with Rigify, plus extra bones for penis/testicles/butt.

The cloth parts have subtle physics. The two front hanging parts can be hidden with a mask. I've also included the pants and a shapekey to drop them down. Textures are packed. I've left the metarig there, in case someone wants to tweak the bones and regenerate the rig. And I've also left sticklove's armature and kept doom's weights from it as well, as a weight reference.

It's pretty decent for a male model I'd say, surely not perfect. If you find any absurd bugs or whatever you can message me through tumblr. I'll do what I can to fix them.

Use and modify it freely, but please give credit, I've spent a lot of time on it. (you can find older - lower body is better now - renders with Doomfist/Widowmaker)

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