[Mass Effect] Liara Blender

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Here’s my first model release. Obviously, I'm pretty new to this kind of thing, so please let me know via tumblr if there are any problems I've missed with the model that need to be fixed.

Model has a simple Ik rig, eye posing, and spine control, nothing special (feel free to disable to spine control if you don’t like it. Facial and body shape keys. Textures are packed into the blend file, so you should probably unpack them when moving the model between scenes.


Aardvarkianparadise - Curvy Liara 2017

Neroticus - Build-A-Bod

xVladTepesx - Bikini

Grummel83 - Liara Gown

Xps_Fanatic - “Sweater”



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🇳🇱 LiaraModelRelease.rar 🇺🇸 Alternate Download 2745 2018-08-23 88.7 MB
🇳🇱 LiaraPose_4.png 🇺🇸 Alternate Download 734 2018-08-23 3.05 MB
🇳🇱 LiaraPose_3.jpg 🇺🇸 Alternate Download 584 2018-08-23 694.75 KB
🇳🇱 LiaraPose_2.jpg 🇺🇸 Alternate Download 572 2018-08-23 644.25 KB
🇳🇱 LiaraPose_1.jpg 🇺🇸 Alternate Download 580 2018-08-23 846.85 KB