Lucio (Blender)


Luscious Lucio for Blender #nohomo

Rigged with Rigify. I've also added extra bones for penis and hair and IK bones for these, but if you don't like them, just delete them. Make sure you enable the Rigify addon from User Preferences and that the "Rigify Legacy Mode" is NOT checked. Easy options will show up on the Properties panel (N) for toggling between IK and FK mode as well as bone layers with names. On the Tool Shelf (T) you can find a few options for animation. You can check this video to see how to use Rigify . It's in hindi, but it's a video you don't have to speak it, it's fairly easy to follow, if you know the basics. Keep the textures' folder next to the .blend file. If by any chance the model appears pink in rendered mode, then go to File -> External Data -> Find Missing Files, then locate the textures' folder and click find missing files.

Super basic node setup with the principled shader. The fancy trasparent shader for the goggles I found on my own (Kappa), it's a free addon with pretty cool dielectric and metallic material presets (you don't need it, I'm just mentioning it)

The rig as well could use a lot of improvements. I parented everything to it with automatic weights and manually corrected anything I could, but it still needs work, which I won't do because it's fine for my needs. So feel free to improve it. Do whatever you want with it. I've also kept the metarig in case you want to tweak the bones and re-generate the rig (the penis and hair bones won't be generated tho, I added them later). If you want, give me some credit in case you use it.

Credits ; VGErotica for the improved textures and mesh

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