Ecopoint: Antarctica full

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So this one was relatively easy to do. Most of the textures were actually there this time so that is always a plus. I decided to just leave the original lighting in there because as I stated before, I will most likely not use the lighting provided. You will also notice that this is the Christmas map. I decided to include this over the other main file because it gives you more to work with! I have packed all the textures and materials into this file including some of the textures that I did not use. Perhaps you will find a use for them. I would upload Larger maps but their file sizes are way to big and take a long time to make presentable.

Please contact me if you would like to get a certain part of a map for a scene you wanted, I do not mind getting it for you. Making the maps work for me has been absolute hell from day one and I don't wish for others to have to endure the same garbage as me and may of my peers in the community have faced. Discord: Tumblr:

note: got a problem with the file? contact me

Declaration: I do not claim ownership over any of the contents of this file, all rights go to the original source creators.

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